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Valerio Vittone

From the first meetings Valerio has shown how epigenetics and clinical medicine can happily combine.  Decoding the DNA in POTS was a breakthrough, then in Long Covid with applications to Fibromyalgia and migraine, providing a springboard for improved Covid management -both in reducing disease risk then Long Covid management.   

My Story

PhD Medicine (SYD 2008)  BSc Hons (UNSW): Topic: Virology and Molecular Biology.  
This incorporated cloning of HSV fragments, development of new cloning techniques in virology to overcome cloning issues that were causing problems with viral cloning (details below)

Key Publications:

⦁    Vittone V, Diefenbach E, Triffett D, Douglas MW, Cunningham AL, Diefenbach RJ. J Virol. 2005, Investigation of the Molecular Architecture of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Tegument, PhD, University of Sydney

⦁    Vittone V, Lee J H, Diefenbach E, Cunningham AL, Diefenbach RJ. J Virology 2008, Identification of structural protein-protein interactions of herpes simplex virus type 1.

International Award: Australian Biochemistry Society Bio-Award for the best scientific presentation in the field of Plant Bio-Chemistry 2002.
Languages: English, Italian, French.
International Speaking Engagements: March 2021 Health Masters LIVE |Nutrigenomics Neurology/Cardiovascular Masterclass 2020/2021 Topic: The Dawn of the Personalised Diet based on genetics  vs Generalised dietary regimes

Career Objective: To seek a science, management or sales role within the pharmaceutical or related industries in a leading Australian or global organization where my skills, knowledge and experience can lend themselves to leadership, sales, education and client management.

Industry Experience: Health & Genetic Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Science, Medical Research, Health Consulting, Fund Raising.

Science, Sales and Marketing skills and insights:

⦁    Dedicated professional  with a strong  scientific research background  that combines logical analytical  thinking with  effective gene counselling skills to proactively solve patients health problems based on strong scientific and medical evidence.
⦁     In-depth knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, molecular biology & Biochemistry with a strong experience in molecular medicine.
⦁    Strong science writing skills.
⦁    Financial acumen- margin, profitability and cash flow.
⦁    Monetise using in-depth knowledge of product and compare with competitors’ weaknesses.
⦁    Insight and emotional intelligence in driving customer centricity.
⦁    Translates deep technological bio-scientific medical knowledge into customer generic language.
⦁    Stakeholder engagement and customer insight.

Personal Style:
⦁    Analytical, logical thinker with key problem solving skills for complex issues.
⦁    High level of integrity with a strong moral compass.
⦁    Thrives in challenging, dynamic environments with a passion to drive growth, create and protect value.
⦁    High emotional intelligence, articulate with a collaborative style.
⦁    Sensitive to culture and diversity, sense of humour, Health and Fitness educator.


 DRVALERIOVITTONE.COM             SYDNEY                                                                                            APRIL 2019-CURRENT

Affiliated Gene Counsellor/Practitioner   

Key Responsibilities:

I am a genetic counsellor and founder of I have been consulting with patients regarding their DNA, epigenetic, DNA/RNA Microbiome &  nutrigenomic reports (i.e. Consultations are based on a novel  DNA testing system and platform that uses genotype imputation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of analyzing up to 85 MILLION genetic variants). 

This system, in combination with our genetic, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology expertise delivers better results, providing the patients with more accurate recommendations than well-known commercial DNA tests such as Nebula & 23andme. We also use Viome with regards to Microbiome transcriptome analysis - to correlate the patient’s microbiome RNA expression profiles to their genetic variants  SNPs. 

Our  German-based DNA sequencing facility can cover 1000s of clinically relevant genes (i.e. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism SNPs) broadly across eight sections (i.e. Digestion, Methylation, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Inflammation and Antioxidant Protection, Detoxification, DNA protection and repair, Cardiovascular Health). 

In addition to the report(s), I also advise patients with regards to  the following:

⦁    Interpretation of family and medical histories to assess the chance of disease occurrence
⦁    Education regarding gene inheritance, testing, management, and prevention.
⦁    To Recommend relevant dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize health and to  prevent potential chronic diseases correlated to gene variants 
⦁    To provide  analysis of a patient’s genetic blueprint using  1000s of  research studies (PubMed) to validate results

IQVIA            SYDNEY                                                                                                                            2018-2019

Key Account Manager, Consumer Health 

Key Responsibilities:
⦁    Understand the key priorities of the client to achieve or exceed the assigned revenue and growth goals in assigned accounts or sales territory. 
⦁    Act as advisor on marketing, market research, sales management, industry issues, trends and IQVIA product,  consulting and service capabilities.
⦁    Interface with marketing, market research, sales management and/or IT at the executive level in existing and prospect clients. 
⦁    Anticipate clients’ needs and, in collaboration with the IQVIA marketing, sales specialists, consulting and client service, develop and present proposed solutions to client’s complex business issues.  
⦁    Identify opportunities & contract expansion within assigned accounts such as Bayer, Pfizer, Reckitt Benckiser, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Nestle,  and Galderma.
⦁    Monitor clients satisfaction with contracted deliverables and work with sales management team  and Client Service’s management  to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. 
⦁    Manage renewals and subscriptions. 
⦁    Participate in large contract renewal efforts on large contracts. 
⦁    Work with global and regional account management in the pursuit of multi-country opportunities. 
⦁    Take a proactive role in contract strategy.
⦁    Mentor less experienced members of sales team on selling, account management and negotiation skills. 

Key Achievements:
⦁    Achieved and exceeded over $ 320K for contract renewal for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health 2019 
⦁    Achieved and exceeded $ 382K for contract renewals 2019  for Pfizer Consumer Health Australia with an option for contract expansion for Pfizer New Zeeland. 


SUN PHARMACEUTICAL           SYDNEY | MELBOURNE | CAMBERRA                             2016-2018

State Manager (Victoria, ACT) [Imatinib (GLIVEC), Entecavir (BARACLUDE) and BOSENTAN] 

Key Responsibilities:
⦁    Review and execute the strategic plan with the Head of Sales (ANZ).
⦁    Train one Senior Account Manager (responsible for the QLD territory) and two Account Managers in NSW,  to build a robust and performing environment  within the Cancer & High Price molecules division.
⦁    Analyze and manage the NSW, VIC ACT territories focusing on client service excellence & disabling competitor strategies. 
⦁    Maintain and develop relationships with over 300 clients across NSW, VIC and ACT.
⦁    Maintain and develop relationships with State Managers and BDMs of Key National Wholesalers (API, SYMBION, SIGMA).
⦁    Maintain and develop relationships with key banner groups Priceline, Soul Patterson, Nova PBS, Pharmacy For Less.

Key Achievements:
⦁    Achieved and exceeded  year budget with the Top Territory Performance in 2017 amongst  NSW, VIC/ACT, SA, WA, QLD 
⦁    Achieved and exceeded a monthly budget of $ 400K 
⦁    Secured and managed over 100 key Banners members (i.e. Priceline, Soul Patterson, Pharmacy 4 Less) for the top 4 High Price chemical entities including the Imatinib RBX Molecule. 
⦁    Acquired over 350 Glivec users across NSW, VIC and ACT (i.e. approx. 25% of the total national market share for the chemical entity).   
⦁    Established the Imatinib Sun Pharmaceutical molecule as the market leader of generic Glivec in both 2017 and 2018 leading over the key national competitors :  Apotex, Sandoz, Arrow, Generic Health, Teva and Cipla.    
⦁    Top sales performance July 2017 Esomeprazole (Nexium generic) 
⦁    Top sales performance October 2017 Imatinib (Glivec generic) 
⦁    Top sales performance November 2017 Entecavir (Baraclude generic) 

ORNELLA ORGANICS                             SYDNEY                                                       2009-2016

Co-founder, National Marketing and Sales Manager

Key Responsibilities:
⦁    Execute the strategic plan.
⦁    Build a robust and performing team.
⦁    Establish the Ornella Brand presence in major retailers.

Key Achievements:
⦁    Increase in turnover 18-25% per annum on average for 7 years.
⦁    Increased GOP by 15-20% p.a. using relationship building and strong price negotiation with suppliers and retail clients.
⦁    Achieved and exceeded a monthly budget of $200K whilst adhering to strict margins.
⦁    Secured and managed key client accounts such as David Jones, Woolworths and Supa IGA.
⦁    Acquired over 200 stockists across Australia and Singapore and secured some of the top national retailers such as David Jones, Woolworths, Thomas Dux, Harris Farm,  Supa IGA, Supa Barn, About Life organic stores, Flannery’s organic stores.
⦁    Established the Ornella brand as one of the leading boutique gourmet companies in Australia by using press and social media.
⦁    Implemented strategic brand collaboration with key gourmet food brands (Maggie Beer, Saskia Beer, Simon Johnson, Barilla, Voss, Lavazza, Salt Meat & Cheese, Simone Logue, Phillipa’s).
⦁    Co-hosted the Sydney 2012 International Food Festival with Saskia and Maggie Beer.
⦁    Developed product point of sale (POS) to maximise brand exposure and sales and onboarding new clients’ staff.
⦁    Advised the production on changes and trends to the product lines and the implementation of new sales strategies to ensure consistency across all products sold in stores. Planned exit strategies for non-performing products in store.
⦁    Retained key staff and increased performance due to strong leadership skills and a positive health and fitness work culture.

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY                          SYDNEY                                              2003-2008

PhD Researcher

PhD Outcome: Unique and innovative discovery employing cloning for protein to protein interactions in yeast hybrid systems. This information is currently used for drug candidates to develop a cure for viruses of the Herpesviradae family.

Key Responsibilities:
⦁    Delivered and managed complex experiments which included protein to protein sequencing and genetic engineering of neurotrophic viruses.
⦁    Analysed DNA sequences with bioinformatics tools.
⦁    Managed laboratory facilities inclusive of high tech proteomics equipment.
⦁    Trained students in cloning techniques.
⦁    Developed high performance PCR techniques for fast amplification of DNA sequences. 
⦁    Cloned over 20 viral genes in yeast cells.

WESTMEAD MILLENIUM INSTITUTE                                   SYDNEY                                                                     2000-2003
PhD Research Consultant
My brief in this position was to provide fellow scientists in related medical fields with strategies and technical expertise to solve biological and medical problems during the course of new experiments. The position required a high standard of conversational and problem-solving skills during the planning and initial stages of new scientific projects, especially with fellow academics from overseas countries.
Key Responsibilities:
⦁    Provided technical and professional expert advice on research strategies to PhD researchers.
⦁    Provided computer support on DNA and protein analysis reports.
⦁    Prepared scientific presentations.

RENAISSANCE CHARITABLE FUNDRAISER                     SYDNEY                                                      2001-2002

Founder and Chairman

The establishment of a charitable fund raiser to raise funds and awareness for the support of medical and scientific research.

Key Responsibilities:
⦁    Produced and managed the Renaissance black tie dinner event.
⦁    Conceptualised the Renaissance dinner, including its theme, election of committee members, liaising with donors to raise funding and sponsorship.
⦁    Prepared principal and supporting sponsorship packages.
⦁    Organised regular committee meetings to source auction and lottery prices.
⦁    Implemented management and marketing of ticket sales.
⦁    Corresponded with national and local media to promote the Renaissance event.

Key Achievements:
⦁    Raised $400,000 for medical research as a result of the Renaissance dinner.
⦁    Secured over 10 principal and 30 supporting sponsors to support the event including: Telstra, PBL, Lowe Hunt, Lindsay Yates & Partners, David Grant Special Events, Campari, Alfa Romeo, San Pellegrino, Belinda Frank’s Catering, South African Airways, Otto Restaurant, Dolce & Gabbana, Lancome, Bellavista Cuvee, Kirketon Hotel Sydney, IBM, Vittoria Coffee, The Classic Safari Company, The University of Sydney, Pages Hires, Dacou, Chic Model Management, Hush Communication, Sneaky Sound System.
⦁    Secured Action Items including: Alfa Romeo 147, a portrait painted by the Archibald Prize Winner, Cherry Hood, a cameo role on the set of the new Frank Sinatra movie.
⦁    Special guests included the cast and directors from the last ‘007’ and ‘Red Dragon’ Hollywood movies along with local celebrities.

⦁    ‘Italian job works magic for the party of the year’ - Sydney Morning Herald, 20 September 2002.
⦁    ‘Renaissance 2002,’ Millenium Foundation Magazine, Winter 2002.
⦁    ‘Renaissance Dinner,’ Sun Herald, 27 October 2002.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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